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Lake Worth Pharmacy Robbery Caught on Camera

Violent Lake Worth pharmacy robbery terrorizes victims.

Armed robbers terrorize Lake Worth pharmacy workers.

Surveillance video shows one of the men pointing a gun to a pharmacist’s head. They stole drugs from the pharmacy and cash from a safe. A clerk was also tased and seriously injured.

Lake Worth Pharmacy Robbery Caught on Camera

Lake Worth Police Department



(LAKE WORTH, TX) – On October 15, 2023, at approximately 3:37am, two suspects entered Walgreens Pharmacy located at 6244 Lake Worth Boulevard; one armed with a rod-style taser and the other with a handgun.

The suspect armed with a handgun proceeded to the pharmacy where he placed the gun to the pharmacists’ head and forced her to remove controlled substances from the pharmacy’s secure storage area. He then took the pharmacist by the hair and forced her at gunpoint to move to the back office.

At the same time, the suspect armed with the taser grabbed the front desk clerk and forced her to the ground while using the taser to deliver electric shocks to her body. Then, the suspect drug the clerk to the back office where she was held on the ground with a gun placed against the back of her head.

With both employees in the back office, the suspects forced the pharmacist to open the safe. Once open, the suspects took approximately $5,000 in cash, placed it inside a trash can, and then fled the area in a black Chevrolet Impala.
At approximately 3:49am, the Lake Worth Police Department’s Emergency Communications Center (ECC) was notified of the robbery by 9-1-1. Officers responded immediately and began to render aid to the clerk who was injured. Detectives and crime scene investigators were also notified and responded.

The clerk was transported to a local hospital in serious condition. She has undergone surgery and is currently recovering. The pharmacist was uninjured.

Detectives determined that the suspects surveilled the pharmacy for approximately 15-minutes prior to conducting the robbery. Forensic evidence was collected at the scene and is being processed.

The Lake Worth Police Department requests that anyone with information on the identity of the suspects or this crime contact our detectives at [email protected] or by calling (817) 237-1224.

The Lake Worth Police Department’s Public Relations and Outreach (PRO) Team will be handling all public relations inquiries associated with this case and will provide updates as often as possible. Below is the contact information for the PRO Team:

Public Relations and Outreach (PRO) Team

[email protected]

(817) 823-1814

Source: FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

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