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Security Officer Joshua Shuemake Stops Alleged Armed Robber

Joshua Shuemake says he was able to disarm the suspect without risking harm to himself.

Security Officer Joshua Shuemake thwarts suspected armed robber outside Seattle Whole Foods store.

An armed robber charged into a Seattle grocery store holding what looked like a real pistol straight out in front of her, but a security officer was able to thwart the robbery and take down the suspect without anyone getting hurt.

The robbery suspect headed to the customer service desk at the front of the store just before 11 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 22, and ended up pointing the gun at three different people, according to court documents.

“She was pointing at the cashier initially and I said, ‘Hey what are you doing!’ And then she points it at me,” said Joshua Shuemake, who was working as an armed security detail at the Whole Foods.

Shuemake made a critical observation as he stared down the barrel of the gun. From his training in the military and later in law enforcement, Shuemake realized the firearm didn’t have a way to fire.

Heroic security guard Joshua Shuemake disarms alleged armed robber. Credit KOMO News

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Source: KOMO News

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SourceKOMO News

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